Sound-guided assessment and localization of pulmonary air leak

A multi-organ chip with matured tissue niches linked by vascular flow

Imaging-Guided Bioreactor for Generating Bioengineered Airway Tissue

Engineering and Characterization of an Optogenetic Model of the Human Neuromuscular Junction

Engineering complexity in human tissue models of cancer

Bioengineering Human Cartilage-Bone Tissues for Modeling of Osteoarthritis

Progress in multicellular human cardiac organoids for clinical applications

A Micropatterning Assay for Measuring Cell Chirality

Imaging-guided bioreactor for de-epithelialization and long-term cultivation of ex vivo rat trachea

Changes in extracellular matrix in failing human non-ischemic and ischemic hearts with mechanical unloading

Homogeneous Distribution of Exogenous Cells onto De-epithelialized Rat Trachea via Instillation of Cell-Loaded Hydrogel


Emerging Trajectories for Next Generation Tissue Engineers

RNA and Protein Delivery by Cell-Secreted and Bioengineered Extracellular Vesicles.

Horizontal transfer of the stemness-related markers EZH2 and GLI1 by neuroblastoma-derived extracellular vesicles in stromal cells.

Engineered Vascularized Flaps, Composed of Polymeric Soft Tissue and Live Bone, Repair Complex Tibial Defects

milliPillar: a platform for the generation and real-time assessment of human engineered cardiac tissues

A framework for developing sex-specific engineered heart models

Bioengineered optogenetic model of human neuromuscular junction

Lessons from biology: engineering design considerations for modeling human hematopoiesis

Cross-circulation for extracorporeal liver support in a swine model

Human serum enhances biomimicry of tissue-engineered models of bone and cancer

Machine learning techniques to distinguish healthy and proarrhythmic cardiomyocytes by contractility profiles

Non-destructive vacuum-assisted measurement of lung elastic modulus

Harnessing organs-on-a-chip to model tissue regeneration

Sustained Delivery of SB-431542, a Type I Transforming Growth Factor Beta-1 Receptor Inhibitor, to Prevent Arthrofibrosis

Emerging technologies provide insights into cancer extracellular matrix biology and therapeutics

Engineered models of tumor metastasis with immune cell contributions

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