We are looking for talented, enthusiastic and highly accomplished investigator with strong experience in cardiac tissue engineering and stem cells. The work will involve (a) design and fabrication of bioreactors for cultivation and maturation of iPS-derived cardiac tissues, (b) tissue engineering of cardiac tissue models to study cardiac patho/physiology, (c) stem cell culture and differentiation into cardiomyocytes, cardiac fibroblasts, and endothelial cells, (d) cardiac tissue characterization and benchmarking to clinical data. Strong experimental skills and published experience in the area of the project are a must. The investigator is expected to work closely with lab members and collaborators, and help supervise junior investigators working on the project. 

Associate Research Scientist - Apply HERE

We are looking for a highly motivated Research Assistant skilled in cell and tissue culture and basic laboratory techniques to join our dynamic laboratory team. We are working on multiple tissue engineering projects for improving human health. For more information and application see below: 

Research Assistant - Lung Group - Apply HERE 

Our laboratory is seeking talented, enthusiastic and highly accomplished postdoctoral investigators with interest in tissue engineering and strong ability for collaboration and team work. We currently have three open positions: 

Postdoc 1: Modeling systemic pathologies and cancer metastasis using the patient-specific multi-tissue platforms (funded by NCI and NIBIB). For more information and application see HERE.   

Postdoc 2: Tissue engineering of the lung towards providing more human lungs for transplant and developing whole-lung models of disease (funded by NHLBI and NIBIB). For more information and application see HERE

Postdoc 3: Bioengineering studies of vascularized cardiac muscle (funded by NHLBI and NSF). For more information and application see HERE.