Kunlun Wang

Masters Student

Kunlun is from Xi’an, China. An exchange student experience in a Maine high school got him interested in pursuing a college education in the U.S. He graduated from UW-Madison with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Computer Science in 2021. His undergrad research experience is primarily programming-related, in which he is tasked with applying computer vision and machine learning to study the behavior pattern of microorganisms.

Kunlun is new to the field of stem cell and tissue engineering, he is currently working with Ph.D. student Youngbin Kim to develop a therapeutic screening platform for human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes and tissues by using machine learning methods. He is interested in regenerative medicine and incorporating information technology into life science research, he wants to pursue a biomedical-related career either in academia or in the industry.

Outside of the lab, he enjoys visiting museums, playing guitars, and playing video games.